VanCAF 2023 - VanCAF 2023 + AMA in the comments
Posted May 17, 2023 at 12:00 am

Here we kick off the little break between chapters! 

Ask me Anything in the comments

  • I do not have the time, energy, nor the physical ability to draw a Q&A right now - but just for funsies, feel free to use the comments section here to AMA for the following week (May 17-24.)
  • Questions can be Fairmeadow related or not! Keep in mind I can't answer questions that are obviously going to spoil part of the story. I also don't like to answer most lore questions because relevant lore will come up in the story at some point, which sort of makes it a spoiler doesn't it!? Fun character questions however, are usually very welcome (ex: how does Sanctuary take his coffee? Extremely powerful Turkish style with a hint of cardamom. NEXT--)

VanCAF News

  • I hope to meet some of you at VanCAF - since Fairmeadow isn't ready for a proper book yet, I decided to print a zine of a bunch of my production art. Character design process, environment designs, cover WIPs, and other just-for-fun goodies are packed into a 64-page black & white staple bound book. Pretty sure I printed WAY more than I need for this con, so if anyone's interested in picking up a copy, I'll have them for sale online sometime early this summer.

Guest Art Update

  • I've already received a nearly overwhelming quantity of guest art which I am EXTREMELY appreciative of! Seriously - I am in awe of the support and love I've gotten and the amazing pieces I've seen so far. In the interest of not interrupting the story with lots and lots of pages of guest art, I will probably display multiple pieces in a tall vertical format starting next week. If this page is displaying funny for you, let me know, since it's also taller than usual and that would indicate this is a bad idea.
  • I'm going to launch Chapter 5 on June 14. So if you want your guest art to show up in this batch, please submit it before June 6  EDIT: SUBMIT BY MAY 28 @ 11:59PM PST DUE TO VOLUME OF SUBMISSIONS so that I can schedule it appropriately. (If nothing else, I will be proud to share it on the Fanart gallery of my Extras page, and may feature more guest art after Chapter 5!)