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What is RSS?

If you're new to RSS, you might be confused by the huge wall of code that appears when you click that link. You will need an RSS Reader in order to use this link. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for websites to notify subscribers of updates, so it's a great way to keep track of content creators you love - such as webcomics artists who keep their comics on their own websites, wink. When you subscribe, updates will appear like a news feed in your RSS Reader. I highly recommend Feedly, which is free and easy to use.

To learn more about RSS and how it works, check out this article.


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I'm also offering a newsletter as an option for receiving comic update reminders. For my own sanity and the cleanliness of your inbox, this will get you a monthly email reminder with a recap of the pages I posted that month. I will also use it to announce any merch, books, hiatuses, etc. 


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