Guest Art - Dajamas - Guest Art - Dajamas
Posted May 24, 2023 at 12:00 am

Time to kick off my guest art features!

Due to volume of submissions I need to cut the submission deadline short! If you want to submit art, please submit by Sunday, May 28, 11:59pm. 

    If you've got a piece in progress that you won't finish in time, I will be happy to share it between Chapters 5 & 6, or post it in my fanart gallery and reblog it all over my social media. I apologize for any inconvenience, I have been so shocked and overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful work people have sent me - but I also don't want to disrupt my comic posts too much all at once. Anything sent to me after this deadline will be shared instead between Chapters 5 & 6 and reblogged/retweeted like crazy in the meantime. 


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First up: this immaculate portrait of Sanctuary by @Dajamas on Tumblr. They said they were inspired by Michael Malm's portraits for the way he does lighting - and I was delighted on further research to learn that this artist paints a LOT of luminous Jesus portraits. Perfect fit imo. Thank you, Dajamas!

Aside from being an incredible painter, Dajamas also has a comic called Poor Man's Gambit - and I think readers of Fairmeadow would definitely find their story kindred to this one! If the cover art alone doesn't convince you, here's their summary: 

As the kingdom of Tygidae faces upheaval and war, civilian sergeant Kesuan Holaferas does everything within his skills, resources, and morals to keep the capital city from succumbing into chaos and needless violence.
This tale is about one of many cities experiencing the wrath and ruin of a war that their king has chosen and a war in another kingdom that has sent its own people fleeing.
It is the legend of a man who has saved more lives than he has taken, rebuilt more places than he has destroyed, and grown more things than he has cut down.

(On top of all this, the protagonist, Kes, has a pet tortoise and many cats that he likes to talk to and if that doesn't make him an instant winner in your heart then idk what to tell you.)