Ch04, pg 29
Posted March 17, 2023 at 12:00 am

Since I don't want Olivine to get cancelled while people stew on the previous page for a full week, a Friday update!

Reminder: CH04 is complete & available on Patreon for as little as $2. Great for reading in chunks instead of a page-by-page drip of updates. (Webcomics time, right!?)

I know this comic is fairly new, finding its footing, and finding its audience. I know my characters are a bit messy and morally ambiguous, just how I like em. This comic is going to take ~16 chapters to complete, so let me be clear early:

-This comic is not going to be about a veteran beating up a bunch of hippies. Both parties have room for growth & change in the story. While they both definitely antagonize each other at this point, there are actual antagonists to come.

-Punching someone in the face is not an appropriate response to nearly any situation (but self defense, sure.)

-NOT punching someone in the face does not merit a pat on the back, it's simply meeting a standard of basic human decency. 

-Trauma is not a free pass to act like a bastard, nor should we expect someone who's experienced trauma to be on the verge of flying off the handle at any moment. No one likes being treated like a bomb. Everyone's response to trauma looks different. A 100 year war has definitely touched more than one person in this story. We only have context for one person at this point! Hold your horses!

This is my website, and I am going to protect my time and energy as I see fit, so I'm not up for debating my tepid-at-best takes in the comments. I am saying this to save anyone who vehemently disagrees from wasting their time being gradually disappointed keeping up with updates over the next 5-10 years, and to foster a thoughtful community here.

Thanks for reading!