Guest Art - Toby - Guest Art - Toby
Posted May 31, 2023 at 12:03 am

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Look! At this! Wholesome! GOODNESS! Toby knocked the dynamic out of the park with this sweet AU illustration of these gorls - Olivine undoubtedly must lead because Goma probably has two left feet when it comes to dancing with a partner. The outfits, the composition, this drawing is just the cutest. Thank you, Toby!

Hey! If you like gay Orc girls (and I suspect you do), you need to read Clover & Cutlass. Per Toby's summary:

Clover & Cutlass is a LGBTQ romance comic following a group of young adventurers in a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired fantasy setting. It’s a coming of age story about learning to disappoint your parents, about the fundamental horror of group projects, and about getting so distracted by a pretty girl that you get hit in the head with a chair.

I can attest that the characters and art style are INCREDIBLY charming, and it will smake you relive the embarrassment of trying to be cool in front of your crush, which is a feeling we all need reminding of, tbh. 

That's all the Guest Art I'm sharing today - submissions are now closed for this round because I still have lots of art to share in the coming week or so! Thank you again to everyone who submitted!

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