Fairmeadow Risograph - Prints Available
Posted May 22, 2024 at 12:00 am

I'm back from VanCAF & I had an absolutely amazing weekend. Thank you everyone who showed up! Hello to any new readers I might have picked up along the way!

It is both a blessing and a curse that many of my prints & stickers sold out while I was at the show, because now I'm on a restock scramble before my next con in mid-June. Fortunately, I still have a small handful of my first run of Fairmeadow risograph prints available.

If you're curious about what the heck a risograph is, check out this site. But the TLDR is: basically a digital screenprint with 1-4 colors that may or not be actually fluorescent. A fun by-product of the process is the slight offset of each color as it's applied along the way, giving each print distinct character. It adds an analogue quality to an otherwise digital process.

These might sell out quickly online, but fear not! I have another appointment to restock these, as well as a couple other items, at the beginning of June.

Check out my online shop to get your hands on one!

(Anyway, back to the comics mines for me)