Ch04, pg 38 - Ch04, pg 38
Posted May 3, 2023 at 12:00 am

A lil side-eye might be in order? Also ~ with just 1 page left in Ch04 I want to announce a 

Call for Guest Art!

I need to take a break between chapters to allow myself some time to heal from an extremely annoying RSI that's popped up. I have quite a bit of buffer built for Ch05 already, but I don't want to burn through it all before I can continue making new pages. Tentatively I hope to launch Ch05 in June, and could start posting some fun filler stuff by May 17. Sorry it's a bit short notice!


  • The pages I post here are 1550 x 2440px, so your work will look best on this site if your canvas is proportional to that - or at least vertical.
  • Here's a Drive folder with character references.
  • If you'd like to entertain the idea of your artwork being printed in a Fairmeadow book one day, I'd recommend making it at least 6.5 x 8.5 inches and 300 dpi (we can cross this bridge when we come to it one very distant day)
  • Because of bizarre restrictions with my ad network, I can't post mature content. (Violence and non-sexual depictions of breasts ok, but no genitals.) So keep it in your pants but apparently go HAM on the bloodshed. That's the American way!
  • If you've already sent me fanart and want me to share it with this batch of guest art, reach out on social media / the comments section here / email and I will do so!
  • I'm really up for whatever and honestly would be incredibly humbled if anyone submits anything at all. Change outfits, bend genders, make up an AU, hit me with a fan theory, do whatever!
  • Edit: some people have asked about deadlines. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I am going to start posting guest art in chunks starting on May 24. Anything submitted by the first week of June will probably be safe & wind up in this batch of guest art. Anything submitted later than that may end up getting shared after Ch05 ends.

If you want to contribute, send your art to along with your social media handle/personal website for credit, along with any projects you'd like me to mention.

As ever, thank you for reading!