Ch 05, pg 35
Posted January 31, 2024 at 12:00 am

Heeere we go again! Please note: I do appreciate your comments but sometimes when the ~discourse~ gets overly involved I just... don't want to host it on my site. I may delete comments before they are published if I feel things are getting off topic or too heated. It creates a weird environment and I get tired of reading/moderating it all myself. Ultimately this is my personal website, not a public forum, and the "rules" are subject to my whims. I am the tyrannical little princess of this domain! Whee! If you want to get into lengthy discussion/debate, take it to social media or somewhere that the author herself won't be subject to having to see it all. Thanks! 

And while you're here, I wanted to use this space to promote another webcomic you should be reading!


GODSLAVE is an Egyptian mythology comic about a girl fighting monsters for a god claiming to be Anubis. I can't help but some of my readers here seem to enjoy A) badass aggro female characters and/or B) think animal headed humanoids are kinda hot. Well, I have great news for you, GODSLAVE has both of those things in spades. With killer action sequences, complicated family dynamics, and ridiculously cool monster designs, there's a lot to love about this comic. I'm also a big fan of Meg's colors & art style. Go read it! Today!!!