Ch 05, pg 29
Posted December 13, 2023 at 12:00 am

I haven't used this space for a moment, so:

My online shop is closing next Wednesday (12/20) and will reopen again in the new year! So if you find yourself in need of prints, stickers, the Fairmeadow sketchbook, or whatever lil treat you want to give yourself or a friend for the holidays... here is your chance! 

Also, my Patreon has been updating pretty regularly again since my RSI troubles this summer. Just sayin' there have been quite a few Gomavine shippers in my comments and uh WOULD YOU NOT LIKE TO SEE HOW THINGS WILL GO? We're over a dozen pages ahead with more coming down the pipe soon, as well as some WIP work & some spicy drawings every now and then. It's my silly little socialist Patreon experiment where all tiers unlock the same content, you can pay what you want starting at $2/month.

and finally, just a reminder that there’s a Fairmeadow Discord full of nice people who like to share pictures of pretty things they saw on their walks, farm animals and their artwork. It’s a chill spot and I throw some discord exclusive doodles & around in there sometimes. Here’s an invite!

That's all - have a nice week folks!

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