Ch 04, pg 21 - Ch 04, pg 21
Posted February 8, 2023 at 12:00 am

Big news, part 1:

Chapter 4 is complete and available to read in its entirety now on my Patreon! In case you've never checked it out before, my Patreon is a pay-what-you-want situation, so you can join for as little as $2/month and unlock the same content as all other tiers. If you can afford to pay more, that's rad, and ALSO helps us get closer to a goal of unlocking ~ spicy drawings ~ (which I am still mentally fortifying myself for, curse my puritanical childhood)

Big news, part 2:

I got into VanCAF, which will be my first convention as an independent artist! If you are in the Vancouver area, come by and say hi! (Also: if you have any ideas for what kinds of merch you'd like to see, feel free to throw them at me in the comments! I've got to start churning out some work to fill a lil table, lol.)