Posted June 26, 2024 at 12:00 am

So many people have asked about Olivine's tats! For the record, I would love them to be more ornate than the shorthand I've developed for her, but they take me long enough to paint in every panel as it is. So use your imagination as far as how detailed they actually are lol

Relevant news - I've started attending a tattoo trade school part-time (trade school for tattooing is a requirement in Oregon, vs a more traditional apprenticeship.) I'm stoked to take up tattooing as a way of supporting my independence as an artist & hopefully to add a little more stability to my life as a freelance / indie cartoonist. Fairmeadow ain't going anywhere but I know it's going to be a bumpy transition while I figure out how to balance school & comics and settle into a new routine. Rest assured Chapter 6 is well underway and I'm really excited to start sharing it with y'all! When though!? Unsure. Stay tuned, I'll still be posting these Q&A's in the meantime and share updates. 

Tags: Olivine, QnA